Summary of Qualifications

  •  3+ years of storytelling and reporting experience developed through journalism writing, English coursework, and web publishing.
  • Driven to create user-centered experiences that’s informed by user research on people’s motivations, behavior, and attitudes.
  • Demonstrated experience working as a student mentor through roles as a resident adviser, FIG leader, and tutor. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Programs, WordPress, and Java/Python programming.


University of Washington, Seattle

B.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering (Anticipated Graduation Date: June 2019)

B.A. in Comparative History of Ideas

UX-Related Coursework: Computer Programming I & II (Java), Visual Design,  User-Centered Design, Interactive Systems Design & Technology, User Research, Technical Communication, Biopsychology

Other Coursework: General Chemistry series, general Calculus series, Organic Chemistry series with labs, Understanding and Combating Human Trafficking, English 131, Bioengineering Problem Solving, Biofutures, Introductory Physics

Study Abroad: Psychosocial and Community Health (Aug. – Sept. 2016)

Husky Leadership Certificate Recipient (2017)

Performer, The Blank Monologues - "Norming and Reforming My Identity" (Feb. 2017)

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UXCEL: Pre-Engineering Resource | HCDE 318: User-Centered Design | Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2017

  • Completed the user-centered design process from ideation to high fidelity prototype to design a website for pre-engineering students.

Web Development @ Academic Support Programs | Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2017

  • Conducted competitive analysis of other research universities to inform layout, organization, and information architecture of CLUE’s website content.
  • Rewrote web content to ensure that it aligned with students’ needs.

Data Science Research @ enCOMPLab  | HCDE Research Group | Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2017

  • Conducted one quarter of exploratory research & data analysis to research disruptions caused by natural disasters
  • Completed exercises in scoping, need-finding, qualitative coding and formulating themes with  qualitative researc
  • Parsed news stories, personal and business social media accounts, and government sites to identify keywords about long-term disruptions and adaptations in response to major U.S. hurricanes
  • Wrote memos about our weekly methodologies and findings with exemplar data and presented them at weekly meetings.

User Research on Academic Support Centers @ UW | HCDE 313: User Research | March – June 2017

  • Used pure observations, interviews and surveys to research tutor-student interactions and use of the physical space.
  • Identified salient themes and interviews and proposed actionable design recommendations that supported empathetic tutoring and continued collaboration between tutors and students.


Progam Manager Intern | june 2018 - present

Microsoft IT Showcase | Redmond, WA

  • Pitched and wrote 3 long-form features stories that reflected the cultural transformation of CSEO and its increasing focus on designing with end users in mind
  • Advocated for content that empowered underrepresented voices in tech like people of color, people with disabilities, etc.

Writing tutor | Sept. 2016 - June 2018

UW Odegaard Writing and Research Center | Seattle, WA

  • Conduct 10+ one-on-one tutoring sessions per week for undergraduate through post-doctorate students on a drop-in basis. Provide constructive feedback and brainstorm and clarify ideas for writing pieces across genres.
  • Use strategies like questioning, silence, and active listening to facilitate learning and create better writers, not just better writing. 
  • Debrief tutoring sessions with students and frequently request feedback from supervisors and fellow tutors to improve future work.

Course assistant for HCDE 210 | Sept 2017 - June 2018

UW Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering | Seattle, WA

  • Graded reflection essays, app prototypes, and wireframes for an introductory course on human-centered design.
  • Attended weekly studio sessions to help students develop their ideas, apply principles of user-centered design, and connect their projects to industry expectations.

Reporter and Editor | Feb. 2015 - JuNE 2017

The Daily of the University of Washington | Seattle, WA

Working as a reporter for The Daily of the University of Washington, the student-run newspaper at the UW, has transformed my undergraduate experience by helping me identify as a storyteller first and foremost. Being a good reporter starts by getting out of the way and letting people share their own perspective - so that's what I try to do with my stories.

  • Former Wellness Section editor – Developed content and tone principles for a new section of the paper and, provided content revision suggestions via Google Docs.
  • Advocated for content on underrepresented communities in STEM, research, higher education, and other cultural organizations.
  • Conducted over 200 interviews to write articles on topics ranging from immunology research to programs for educationally underserved communities. 
  • Collaborated with editors, writers, and videographers to iterate on articles based on feedback.

content Developer intern | june 2017 - September 2017

Content Experience Team @ Microsoft | Redmond, WA

  • Collaborated with designers, researchers, and content strategists to make design decisions about a new content area based on customer interviews, an inclusive design sprint, and past research findings
  • Wrote instructional text and a script for 20 scenarios in Show Me, an app that guides a user through how to complete common Settings tasks using Microsoft's Cortana. Made design decisions about a new content area based on customer interviews, an inclusive design sprint, and past research findings.
  • Analyzed metadata to create data-driven support text that addressed high-priority customer queries on Microsoft Support.
  • Created public-facing writing about my experience as a person of color at Microsoft and published them on LinkedIn and Medium.

Communications intern | March 2017 - JUne 2017

Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team | Seattle, WA

Although social media and technology have grown over the past few years, there are no comprehensive best practices or recommendations about how to use it judiciously. The Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team (SMAHRT) strives to bridge this gap by researching the impact of social media and technology use on adolescents and young adults. As a communications intern, I had the privilege of sharing SMAHRT intern projects on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. My favorite part of this role was that all of these posts strived to celebrate this research and explore the applications of its findings in future policies, guidelines, or public health interventions.

  • Updated Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter social media platforms to promote current research, SMAHRT research intern projects, and upcoming program applications.
  • Prepared and conducted interviews with SMAHRT team members and staff to create written content for the SMAHRT Features blog.

Communications and Marketing Intern | June 2016 – JUne 2017

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering | Seattle, WA

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) is a research center funded by the National Science Foundation, and its researchers work on technology and devices to help people heal, feel, and move again. As a writer for the Center, I wrote stories on cutting-edge research related brain-computer interface technology, and the way that the Center is a leader in this field. I primarily wrote stories under the umbrella of outreach/education, diversity, and research, which are  all facets of the CSNE’s efforts to support young scientists and engineers in pursuing this field, empower underrepresented voices, and create robust education programs.

  • Empowered researchers and students, particularly researchers of color, non-traditional students, and women in leadership roles by writing long-form articles on their neural engineering research and publications. 
  • Translated complex concepts into compelling narratives that were accessible to any reader.
  • Published content on the CSNE website and Engage and Enable Blog, which were often retweeted by the National Science Foundation, engineering departments at the University of Washington, and other research centers.

First-year interest group leader | Sept. 2016 - DEc. 2016

UW First-Year Programs | Seattle, WA


  • Taught a one-hour weekly session for 22 first-year students, graded assignments, and facilitated discussions on topics including wellness, class registration, and intergroup dialogue that were relevant to the student's needs as first-quarter college students.
  • Actively responded to student queries regarding coursework, experiential learning, and assignments.

Resident Adviser (RA) | Sept. 2016 - june 2016

UW Housing and Food Services | Seattle, WA

  • Interacted with 60 freshmen through senior residents regularly and fostered their development in identity, choices, and trajectory.
  • Organized, advertised, and executed inclusive programs with other RAs, and created a monthly newsletter and bulletin boards to communicate relevant information about the community.

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