What’s your story?

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My name is Aleenah, and I am a writer who creates spaces for people to heal, learn, and tell their story. I am also a story-listener who believes that I can learn from everyone. Long-term, I hope to tell vivid stories that make people feel something, Regardless of what story I tell, I intend to make it a good one. Read on to see some things I've worked on!'


During my internship at Microsoft during Summer 2018, I wrote feature stories about how Microsoft designs its internal tools and people behind this work.

I conducted observations, interviews, and a survey to understand how students used the physical space and interacted with tutors at the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment, an on-campus tutoring center. I translated these findings into insights and design recommendations such as revised tutor training and a new layout for the tutoring space

Stories are what stick, which is why I dedicate my time to empowering underrepresented voices through my work as a journalist. I conducted over 300 interviews, authored over 110 articles, and amplified the voice of diverse communities across campus.