I am a collector of stories, jokes, and song recommendations (as my laptop stickers suggest), and I want to hear yours.

I am a collector of stories, jokes, and song recommendations (as my laptop stickers suggest), and I want to hear yours.

About Me

My name is Aleenah Ansari, and I am a junior at the University of Washington studying Human Centered Design and Engineering

Although I am a student, I self-identify as a resilient storyteller who believes that inclusion, vulnerability, and a little bit of humor are the ingredients to craft compelling narratives. I’ve leveraged these values and empowered underrepresented voices through my work as a reporter focusing on stories related to higher education and diversity as well as a writing tutor.During summer 2017, I interned at Microsoft on the Content Experience Team, which allows me to translate my investigative journalism skills and love of writing to support writing and providing relevant content that meets customers' needs.

When I'm not in class or at work, you can find me transcribing interviews, creating playlists on Spotify that reflect my mood (my current playlist is called "Kanye attitude with Drake feelings and J. Cole soul"), and buying hazelnut lattes.

If you ever need help telling your story (or just want to chat over coffee), you can reach me at aansari@uw.edu.

Ultimately, I am a:

Storyteller: I strive to bring empathy, active listening skills, and inclusion to every conversation and piece of writing. I strive to share the most vulnerable parts of myself and help others do the same. Moreover, storytelling is integral to my identity as a person of color - stories are the way that we demonstrate the resilience and strength of our ancestors and communities, so I hope to never stop telling them.

Mentor: I want to be the person I would have needed when I was younger because I have spent a long time seeking supportive people who help me recognize my potential and ability to achieve my goals. To be this person for others, I try to make myself available as a resource if someone needs writing support, answers about a particular class or major, or a willing listener and sounding board for their ideas.

Bridge: Regardless of the context, I use writing and conversation as tools to bridge the gap – between researchers and the general public, between departments and students, and between underrepresented minorities and the communities that serve them. 

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