Freshman year


Highlights (and challenges):

  • Taking Early Fall Start and meeting one of my best friends!
  • Taking the class to prepare to be a resident adviser, and learning to identify as a leader.
  • Traveled to Disneyworld with my dad and fell in love with Harry Potter World and Fantasyland all over again.
  • Started writing for The Daily and begin my career as a journalist
    • I even got a few front page articles this quarter!
  • Survived the general Chemistry series, the general Calculus series, and started the Biology series!
  • Took the leap and applied for the Bioengineering major at the UW - and I got rejected.
    • This was a really pivotal moment of reflection where I had to re-evaluate what I really wanted out of a major / career / education
  • Conducted research at the Biofuels and Bioproducts Lab (and realized that my coworkers were the most important part of this experience

Soph. year



  • Worked as a resident adviser in Stevens Court!
    • I oversaw 65 residents and worked with my small but mighty staff of 10 to create an inclusive community.
  • Continued to write for The Daily and covered events for the second time (and some people even reached out to me to ask me to cover their events again!)
  • Trained to be a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) Leader
  • Got into the Biochemistry and Public Health majors at UW!
  • Finished the Organic Chemistry series (with the labs!)
    • I definitely sat by my computer and refreshed my unofficial grade report until I confirmed that I had passed the second quarter of Organic Chemistry by .1
  • Began writing for the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
  • Studied abroad in Thailand and explored community health initiatives throughout the country
  • Changed my trajectory: After talking with an electrical engineering student about imposter syndrome, I realized that I didn't want to stop myself from becoming an engineer. I decided to give myself a chance to pursue my dream major, Human Centered Design and Engineering, with full fervor.

junior year


Senior Year



  • Moved into a house with 5 friends (wow, this is the epitome of being a real adult because I was paying my own rent!)
  • Got a nose piercing with my best friend!
  • Led a classroom of 22 first-year students as a FIG Leader
  • Completed CSE 142 with no prior computer programming experience, thanks to an army of friends, TAs, and forms of moral support ranging from kind words to late night study sessions in Local Point
  • Continued to write for The Daily (third times the charm on some of those articles!)
  • Finished the Husky Leadership Certificate Program
  • Worked as a Communications and Promotions intern at the Social Media and Adolescent Health and Research Team 
  • Worked as a writing adviser at the Odegaard Writing and Research Center and Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment
  • Got into my dream major, Human Centered Design and Engineering!
  • Interviewed at Microsoft and was offered a position as a Content Publishing Intern!
    • Thoughts of the moment: You went out there and sold your authentic story and love of diversity and inclusion and you asked meaningful questions and you tried to figure out what really mattered to people and saw them as experts in their field and ate a tamarind chicken sandwich and met a former Seattle Times editor and NOW YOU ARE THRIVING
  • Performed in the Blank Monologues (2/9/17 - 2/11/17)!
    • Reminder: finding people who support who in things that matter should be the rule and not the exception
  • Started my internship at Microsoft and learned to bring all of myself to the table and be proud of the things I've created.

Summer 2017:

  • Wrote articles about my experience as a person of color at Microsoft
  • Completed 2 amazing projects - one that was customer-facing and one internal - and presented on them to the entire Content Experience team
  • Applied my HCDE knowledge to update my website
  • Received a mentor through XX + UX, a community-based organizations that pairs professionals in UX with people like me who are new to the field
  • Received an offer to be a course assistant for an introductory HCDE class, which has been my dream job since freshman year!


  • Moved into my new apartment that was way closer to campus and within walking distance of Sizzle and Crunch (10/10 would recommend eating there)
  • Continued my work as a writing tutor at OWRC & CLUE, and started a new job as a course assisstant for HCDE 210!
  • Took a not-so spontaneous trip to Chicago to visit my cousin - and I got some pretty good mural pics out of it all!