Need I say more? Here are a few of my murals in the Greater Seattle area, but also from places that are a hop, skip, and jump away

Logan Square (Chicago, IL)

How lucky am I have to have such amazing cousins who take me to murals like this? During my 48 hours with her in Chicago, she made time to take me to Logan Square and see these murals, which are just outside the CTA transit terminal - it's a must-see if you're in the area!



Capitol Hill, WA

I've loved murals ever since I discovered a set of them during my freshman year in college - my best friend and I boarded the 49 bus to Capitol Hill and got off when we saw them! Unfortunately, those murals were removed when they built the link light rail station in Capitol Hill, but I'll show you the recent ones that were put up in replacement - and this set was right next to Molly Moon's, so it's a must see:

  honestly I just think pink walls are fun :)

honestly I just think pink walls are fun :)

  Murals on 49th St. | Capitol Hill, WA

Murals on 49th St. | Capitol Hill, WA

Cloud Architecture by Damien Gilley

The mural below is right across from Roosevelt High School, and the 67 bus going toward Roosevelt gets off right next to it! These murals were set up to block off the construction for the Roosevelt Light Rail station, but now it serves as a backdrop for anyone who's interested in a spontaneous photoshoot - creative, right?:


Room for CHange | Pike Street Hill Climb

The following mural is located next to the stairs that go to the Seattle Aquarium, Great Wheel, and waterfront - and it even has a friendly reminder that there's always room for change:


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