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 a place to collect

This is a place to collect photos from my favorite places in Washington - I use a lot of these locations for photoshoots, long walks with longer podcasts, and sightseeing destinations for people want to experience a crash course in all things Pacific Northwest - all of these pictures were collecting dust on my phone, so why not share them with the world? I hope you find some new destinations.

Seattle Public Library

Libraries have been a resting place for me ever since I was in third grade – thankfully, I grew up 15 minutes away from the Federal Way Regional Library and the 320th Library, so I always had an endless supply of books in my room. As part of the 30 Day Design Challenge, I decided to walk over to Fourth Avenue and visit the Seattle Public Library, which is an astonishingly beautiful piece of architecture. I climbed the bright green escalators and walked through the library stacks, and I even saw some technical manuals for Wordpress and Java along the way – isn’t it crazy that most of these resources are digital now?

Banff National Park

This has been on my bucketlist for so long (mostly because my favorite photographers are always featuring this location on Instagram), and my dream came true this Labor Day!

Athabasca Glacier // an ice field of the canadian rockies

Honestly, there is nothing more exhilarating than stepping out of a car onto an ice field- the wind whips around and makes you wish you grabbed an extra thermal (but why would you because it was 85 degrees when you left the hotel), and all you can do is gasp when your eyes land on the glaciers around you. Here are some pictures of the ice field and other glaciers:

VOlunteer Park Conservatory

After seeing all my friends and favorite bloggers photoshoot here (you'll sense a theme here), I knew I had to visit it myself! It was well worth the $4 entry fee, especially because a lot of the flowers in the conservatory were in bloom!

Just outside the conservatory is a little dahlia garden that was in full bloom when we went! I’m a sucker for some fun blooms, so I’m glad that these little guys made this summer day just a little more colorful!


Pike Place Market

This is a classic destination for anyone who's visiting the state, but I'm always discovering something new here! This set of photos showcases Shug's Soda Foundation & Ice Cream, the Seattle Waterfront, and a few pretty details along the way.

The Seattle Waterfront, right by the Great Wheel, is pretty as can be!

  Posters by the gum wall (peep the Bumbershoot poster in the corner)

Posters by the gum wall (peep the Bumbershoot poster in the corner)

 Shug's Soda Foundation & Ice Cream

Shug's Soda Foundation & Ice Cream

  S'mores sundae (I highly recommend it!)

S'mores sundae (I highly recommend it!)

   The Big Eddie ! / Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and rainbow sprinkles .

The Big Eddie! / Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and rainbow sprinkles.


Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This tulip festival is a must-see if you're in Washington during April, but you should definitely leave early if you want to beat the rush of tourists and PNW newbies alike - also, there's a $5 charge to get in, but parking is free!

Downtown Kirkland Waterfront

My friend and I did a photoshoot here during fall 2016, and the bright hues were absolutely breathtaking! I highly recommend stopping by to see the sunset, see the waterfront, or just chitchat with love ones.

 I loved these twinkly lights!

I loved these twinkly lights!

Cannon beach, Oregon

This place has been on my bucketlist for a long time and even though I'm from Seattle, I rarely make it down to Oregon! One of my favorite photographers, Tash from Ike and Tash, was headed to Cannon Beach and let me tag along - most of these pictures are hers, but I wanted to share them here! Read more of her original post on the Ike and Tash blog.